AI Lighting for Filmmakers

SwitchLight Studio redefines VFX and compositing, integrating AI and physically-based rendering to allow filmmakers to change lighting at post-production

Shoot with Green Screen,
Change Lighting in Post-Production

Credit: Green Screen Footage by ActionVFX

How SwitchLight Works

SwitchLight uses AI to generate individual passes for a video, such as depth, normal, roughness, albedo, and specular. Each pass describes how the light will interact with the surface. For example, the albedo pass captures the true color of objects without shadows or lighting effects, while the normal and depth map capture 3D geometry. Then it uses Physically-based rendering to accurately replicate real-world lighting.

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What's Included in SwitchLight

AI Virtual Production

Use AI and Physical Based Rendering to seamlessly integrate actors into various environments with realistic lighting.

Background Removal

Extract the foreground from image sequences or videos without needing a green screen.

PBR Material & Depth Extraction

Extract albedo, normal, roughness, and specular PBR materials and depth from your footage.

Light Map Extraction

Extract light information in EXR format at a 64x32 resolution, using the foreground object as a reference. The extracted lighting information can be used to relight other images.


Enable execution of multiple tasks, assisting in setting up your pipeline. It's ideal for processing multiple video files or applying multiple features to a single video.

Built for Professionals

Export Individual PBR Passes

Gain full control and flexibility over your footage with individual PBR passes.

Blender & Unreal Engine Integration

Blender Icon

Import SL Studio outputs into BL & UE with just a click, enriching your work with versatile 3D assets.

No Internet Required

Run our AI suite locally with at least 8GB VRAM on your GPU machine, ensuring data privacy.

EXR Format Support

Optimized for 32-bit EXR format, our AI suite enhances compatibility with VFX workflows.

Multi-OS Support

Windows & Linux supported. Fully compatible with, for your production needs.

Explore More About Our Products

SwitchLight API

SwitchLight Studio's AI suite is also available as an API. Create your own apps using the technology that powers the SwitchLight Studio.

SwitchLight Web

Don't want to install anything or don't have enough GPU? You can use SwitchLight on your web browser.

SwitchLight Mobile

Replace backgrounds and relight your images directly on your mobile.