AI Lighting for Filmmakers

SwitchLight Studio redefines VFX and compositing, integrating AI and physically-based rendering to allow filmmakers to change lighting at post-production

Shoot with Green Screen,
Change Lighting in Post-Production

Credit: Green Screen Footage by ActionVFX

How SwitchLight Works

AI Meets Physically Based Rendering

SwitchLight uses AI to generate individual passes for a video, such as depth, normal, roughness, albedo, specular, and ambient occlusion. Each pass describes how the light will interact with the surface. For example, the albedo pass captures the true color of objects without shadows or lighting effects, while the normal and depth map capture 3D geometry. Then it uses Physically-based rendering to accurately replicate real-world lighting.

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What's Included in SwitchLight

AI Virtual Production

AI Virtual Production is the easiest way to integrate actors into various environments with realistic lighting. Use all features of SwitchLight without any knowledge of AI, Physically Based Rendering or 3D software. Simply upload your footage and we will handle the matting, PBR map extraction, and relighting.

Individual AI Features

Often, you may not need all the features of AI Virtual Production. In such cases, you can use individual features of SwitchLight to achieve your desired results.

1. Background Removal

For PBR material extraction, a clean matte is crucial, achievable only with a green screen or through tedious rotoscoping. Don't have a green screen? No worries. SwitchLight can remove the background from any footage.

2. PBR Material & Depth Extraction

Given an image sequence and an alpha matte, our video-to-material model extracts temporally consistent PBR properties such as albedo, normal, roughness, specular, and ambient occlusion, alongside depth information.

3. Physically Based Rendering

Physically-based rendering accurately simulates how light interacts with objects to deliver the highest realism in rendering. SwitchLight uses PBR to accurately replicate real-world lighting.

4. PBR Neural Enhancer

Once you obtain PBR results, you can further enhance the realism by adding effects such as self-occlusion and subsurface scattering with this feature.

5. Light Map Extraction

SwitchLight can capture and recreate the lighting of specific shots in two modes:

  • Portrait mode extracts the lighting information from portraits as panoramic HDRI in EXR format.
  • Universal mode extracts the light map from any image using DiffusionLight, an open-source machine learning model.

Built for Professionals

Individual PBR Passes for Unlimited Creativity

Switchlight supports the export of individual PBR passes, extending its utility beyond relighting to include creating digital doubles, inputs for ControlNet, and more.

4K+ Resolution with Guaranteed Temporal Consistency

SwitchLight supports videos of all resolutions, including 4K and above. With our advanced video model and AI deflicker technology, we guarantee temporal consistency across all frames.

PBR Loader for Blender & Unreal Engine

Our PBR maps are compatible with any 3D program that support PBR workflows. Our plugins enable you to integrate PBR textures into your 3D scenes with a single click.

Local Processing

Your Image or Video data stays local, with no uploads to the cloud. We respect user's privacy.

EXR Support

Input and output support for the 32-bit EXR, ensuring zero loss during editing processes.

Enterprise Features

Nuke Plugin: Streamlining Post-Production

All SwitchLight features are available in the Nuke plugin. Maximize your efficiency and streamline your pipeline without ever leaving your Nuke environment.

Command Line Interface

All SwitchLight features are available via a command-line interface, streamlining workflow automation.

Multi-OS Support

Windows & Linux supported. Fully compatible with, for your production needs.

Offline Capability

Our system operates without internet access, featuring RLM licensing for fully air-gapped studios.

Explore More About Our Products

SwitchLight API

SwitchLight Studio's AI suite is also available as an API. Create your own apps using the technology that powers the SwitchLight Studio.

SwitchLight Web

Don't want to install anything or don't have enough GPU? You can use SwitchLight on your web browser.

SwitchLight Mobile

Replace backgrounds and relight your images directly on your mobile.