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Achieve perfect lighting with SwitchLight
AI Relighting in Your Hands


SwitchLight: Achieve perfect lighting for your  images in seconds with AI

SwitchLight uses state-of-the-art AI to composite your images with optimal lighting and backgrounds. Achieve perfect lighting and background for your shots.

Illuminate your Imagination
with SwitchLight

relit_composite (3).png

Hyper-Realistic Relighting with AI

Achieve hyper-realistic relighting effects in mere seconds. SwitchLight generates shadows and highlights that simulates the real-world lighting!


Simply Drag & Drop for Easy Relighting

Our drag & drop interface simplifies relighting, allowing you to modify lighting quickly and easily without needing intricate technical knowledge.​


Upload Your HDRI or Copy Portrait Lighting 

Upload HDRI for custom lighting or copy lighting from a reference portrait. Our AI will extract light information from the portrait, recreating the exact lighting effect in your project.

스크린샷 2023-05-25 오후 5.41_edited.jpg

Preloaded Lighting Presets for Your Needs

We've prepared hundreds of ready-to-use presets for various scenarios, including natural sunlight, studio, cyberpunk, and even cosmic lighting!​


Manipulate Light Direction and Intensity

Manipulate direction and strength, allowing accurate representation of real-world lighting scenarios for enhanced depth and realism.​

스크린샷 2023-05-25 오전 10.52.51.png

Full HD and 1K Support for Crisp Visuals

With default 1K and up to Full HD resolution support, SwitchLight ensures your work is always displayed in high quality, capturing all the fine details.

스크린샷 2023-05-24 오후 7.52.08.png

Export High-quality Normal & Albedo Maps

Export high-quality Normal and Albedo maps. These outputs can be used in other software like Photoshop, allowing for a customized and flexible workflow to meet your needs.


Batch Inference for Efficient Workflow

Batch Inference feature allows simultaneous processing of multiple data inputs, saving time and providing a streamlined workflow for your projects.

Built for Creators, Photographers,
VFX Artists,
Designers, and more

Whether you're a Creator working on digital art, a Photographer looking to enhance your images, a VFX Artist crafting breathtaking visual effects, or a Designer striving to perfect your visualizations, SwitchLight equips you with the tools to transform your work. The intuitive interface and powerful features make it suitable for diverse projects, catering to the unique needs of different professions, and facilitating creativity in more ways than one.

About us

We are a dedicated team of AI researchers located in Seoul, South Korea. We all have more than 6+ years of AI research experience, and have published 10+ papers at top AI conferences such as NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR, and AAAI. Our focus is on creating innovative AI-based solutions that unlock the creative potential of humanity

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